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Gracie Barra Wetherill Park was founded in 2018 by Coach Jeremy Mateo, a brown belt under Professor Marcelo Rezende. Gracie Barra is recognised in the martial art community for teaching the highest level of Brazilian jiu jitsu. With over 800 schools worldwide, we have become a strong reference point in grappling based self defence, physical education, and character development. Brazilian jiu jitsu is a non-striking martial art. Drawing techniques mainly from judo and wrestling, the aim is to immobilise, control, and submit your opponent using leverage rather than strength or brute force. 

Our curriculum and class structure was developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr - the son of Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr, founder of Brazilian jiu jitsu - and is the standard to which all schools adhere to across the network. Gracie Barra represents discipline, wellness, family, respect and so much more for anyone wanting to embrace the jiu jitsu lifestyle. We believe that jiu jitsu is for everyone: beginners, avid competitors, women, weekend warriors, early risers, ankle biters, super mums & dads and all those in between.

Gracie Barra Wetherill Park prides itself on providing a clean, safe, and professional environment for all students and families at the gym.

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